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    Aulas química

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    Laboratório química

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    Faculdade das Ciências da Saúde

Living in Covilhã


There are several real estate agencies with a wide range of all sorts of apartments in the city. UBI, through its Social Action Services (SASUBI), has seven halls of residence, for students and teachers, and even apartments T0, T1, T2 and T3. In the section accommodation of SASUBI, there is detailed information on each space/ building.

Students of 1st and 2nd cycles (monthly price)

Double room (with shared bathroom and kitchen): 100 €

Single room (with private bathroom): 125 €

Apartment T0: 258.20€ (extra: energy, water)

One bedroom apartment (1 person/ T1): 220 € (shared: 140 € p/person) (includes energy, water)

2 bedroom apartment (2 people/ T2): 259.29€ (1 person); 129.64€ p/person (2 pax) (extra: energy, water)

3 bedroom apartment (3 people/ T3):  378,13€ (1 person); 144,64€ p/person (3 pax) (extra: energy, water)

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Plane: The main airports of mainland Portugal are located in the cities of Lisbon and Oporto, both at about 250 km from Covilhã. The connection of these cities to Covilhã can be made by car, train or bus.

Car: the journey takes about 2:30 and can be made entirely in motorway (A1-exit at Torres Novas to A23).

Train: there are daily connections from Lisbon to Covilhã via CP - Comboios de Portugal.

Bus: there are also daily connections from Lisbon and from Oporto to Covilhã via Rede Expressos (Rede Expressos). The company offers discounts for students, young people aged under 30 years old and seniors. 



UBI has 4 food canteens, 7 bars and 3 buffets. The prices of meals for students are the following: 


  • Social meal: 2,45 €
  • Alternative meal: 2,70 €
  • Economic meal (social dish and water/juice): 1,90 €
  • Buffet: 6 €

In the section Food of SASUBI you can learn about the timetables for all the UBI eating areas.


In terms of health, the region has got several public hospital units, as for instance the Centro Hospital Cova da Beira, located next to the Faculty of Health Sciences.   UBI provides its students free services of medicine and nursing.