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    Estudio da RUBI

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    Universidade da Beira Interior + Brasão

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    Covilhã a partir da residência

Why choose UBI

There are several reasons to choose UBI.

Geographic location

Located in the city of Covilhã, UBI is right in the centre of the triangle Lisbon-Oporto-Madrid. The city is in a mountainous region of extraordinary beauty and historical wealth. 

Situated on the southern slopes of Serra da Estrela, the highest mountain of mainland Portugal, the only place in the country with a ski resort, Covilhã has in its steep streets a distinctive feature. The staircases linking the various levels of the city are now accompanied by a modern system of lifts and funiculars of free use.

Known as the "Portuguese Manchester", the city, where several companies, museums and schools are currently installed, has a vast and rich industrial heritage. The university itself has restored several of these buildings.

Cost of living and safety

Because Covilhã is a city located in the inner part of the country, the cost of living is significantly lower than that of the great cities of the coast, which is reflected in the prices of food and housing, for example.

Security is another of the factors that distinguish the city: Covilhã is a small/medium-sized city that lives around the University, creating an atmosphere of closeness very safe and cosy.

Education and Research


UBI has infrastructure to support the teaching and research in all scientific areas of its formative offer. Classrooms, laboratories and libraries are equipped with the latest technologies providing students with adequate conditions for personal and scientific development.

Sport and culture

This region has an assorted cultural offer, from built heritage to activities in the fields of music, theatre and other forms of art. UBI has a university theatre group (TeatrUBI), a chorus and six university tunas (Já B'UBI & Tokuskopus, Moçoilas, Desertuna, EncantaTunaC'a Tuna aos Saltos, Tuna Mus)

When it comes to sport, there is the possibility for students to practice several modalities in the sports clubs of the region. At UBI there are also pavilions and other enclosures for sports practice.

Already considered the institution that provides the best quality of life to study and to investigate, the University of Beira Interior is assumed as a university in permanent updating and growth, whose main goals are to generate knowledge and to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the country.


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